Wines of Darling

Since its inception, the Darling wine route has grown immensely in popularity. It’s less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town and its warmth and hospitality coupled with wines of tremendous quality and value has placed it on the list of routes to visit when visiting the Cape.

Cloof, Groote Post, Darling Cellars, Ormonde and Tukulu offer wine tastings and many also provide scrumptious meals.

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Darling Wine & Art Experience
Darling Cellars
Darling Olives
Groote Post
Ormonde Vineyards
The Darling Wine Shop
Withington Wines

Make a day of it! Have a meal and take in a show. There so much to see and do, you may have to stay for the weekend. Follow the links at the top to find out what’s on, where you can eat and where you can stay over.


Darling Wine & Art Experience

Darling Wine Route


Since its inception, the Darling wine route has grown immensely in popularity. Situated a mere hours drive along the R27 (the West Coast Road), the route allows the visitor to view the significant plantings of vineyards in and around Darling. The warmth and hospitality of this rural area coupled with wines of tremendous quality and value has placed it on the list of routes to explore when visiting the Cape

The Darling wine experience offers much more than just wine tasting…. A unique habitat, people and activities turn a day or weekend into an experience you’ll never forget. Visit Cloof, Darling Cellars, Groote Post and Ormonde Vineyards as well as The Darling Wine Shop to find out for yourself why it’s called Darling!

For more information, please contact the info office on 022 492 3361. It’s Darling’s world. We just live in it. So come see for yourself why it’s called Darling.

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Cloof Wine Estate is blessed with a unique terroir and coupled under the same ownership as neighbouring farm, Burgherspost, boasts a total of 4000 Ha combined surface area. Within this area you will be treated to a stunning winery on the hillside of Groenkloof, complete with a beautiful tasting room (which is open Mon to Fri) and kitchen for events, which promote an experience not to be forgotten. There is also a Game Reserve which plays host to a multitude of varieties of birds and wildlife, followed by over 240 Ha of Bush vine and Trellised vineyards which set the foundation to a family of International Gold Medal winning wines. We are known for our bold, rich flavours with pure and clearly defined fruit characters, thanks to well-crafted nature and some fantastically progressive wine making techniques. It does not stop there…Our beautiful wine estate not only has its wine present in over 30 countries around the world, it also plays host to Africa’s largest music festival while being one of only 38 wine producers, of the 980+ in South Africa, who are Biodiversity Conservation Champions.


address: Cloof Wine Estate pty ltd. R315 between Darling and Malmesbury, Mamreweg Road
tel: 022 492 2839
GPS: 33° 28’ 59.16” S18° 31’ 26.52” E
tasting & sales: Mon–Fri: 10h00 until 16h00 Saturdays BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
public holidays: Closed only on Christian Holidays.

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Darling Cellars


From grape to glass Darling Cellars  is a proud producer of world class wines  of which Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz are the main varietals.  Sea breezes, mountain ranges and deep soils promote a wealth of resources in vineyard production. The focus on quality drives our winemaking team and as such, Darling Cellars focuses on varietals which suit the area and display the unique terroir we have in this special part of South Africa, on the West Coast.

The philosophy of the Darling Cellars winemaking Team sums it up:  “What nature gives us each year; we put into the bottle with passion and honour…”

address: Between Malmesbury & Darling on the R315
tel: 022 492 2276
hours: Open to the public for Tastings.
Mon – Thur: 9h00 – 17h00
Fri: 9h00 – 16h00
Sat and Public Holidays: 10h00-14h00
Closed on Sundays, 25 Dec and 1 Jan

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Darling Olives




Darling Olives is located just 3 km out of Darling towards Yzerfontein, nestled amidst vineyards, grazing cattle and olive groves.

Our 70 hectares of olives are all dry land and grown on the Alexanderfontein Estate. They get processed within 24 hours of being handpicked, resulting in a superior product.

At the tasting room we offer an culinary adventure into what Darling Olives is all about. You will get to experience our olives, olive oils, Labneh Makbus cheese, jams, marmalade and olive pastes etc, the tasting ends with delicious Olive Chocolate and our exclusive red wine. Both the Sauvignon Blanc and red wine are sold exclusively on the Alexanderfontein Estate. And as an extra treat during the winter months we always have a fire burning in our tasting room to shake off the cold while enjoying an informative tasting.

Experience a traditional approach to olives on a working farm where cattle are still herded by horse and a flock of sheep might cross your path. Darling Olives is a great place to start your education about how olives are grown, pressed and cured.

address: Darling Olives on the Darling Yzerfontein Road
tel: 022 492 3171
tasting & sales: Mon–Fri: 09h00 until 16h00
Sat: 09h00 until 13h00
Public Holidays: 09h00 untill 13h00
Closed: Good Friday, Christmas & Boxing Day


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The Darling Wine Shop




Experience the magic of Darling – Where else in South Africa would you find Evita, a Voorkamerfest, and  both a wild flower show and an exotic orchid show, on the same day? As you will discover even the wines of Darling have something special about them, and the fact that many highly respected wine labels outside Darling either have a vineyard here, or choose to source their fruit from our soils, is indicative of this.

The wines of Darling are blessed with the consistency of quality due to their viticulture location and yet a diversity of style that makes them all so different. With scarcely half a dozen producers there is a lot to explore!

There is however a practical side to a visitors “route of exploration” in that in typical Darling diversity, the vineyards are located in four different directions from the centre of the town. To visit all the Vineyards in one-day is possible but not always practical, and this is what has inspired Darling négociant  Charles Withington to come up with the idea of the Darling Wine Shop – a one-stop shop in the centre of Darling where one could buy virtually the entire range of any of the Darling wines, and at cellar door prices.

The Darling wine shop also provides the opportunity for the many, many visitors to Darling who come to see Evita, explore the flowers, and experience the Voorkamerfest, and who are invariably lovers of good wine and fine food, to be able to source these delights right here in the centre of the village, saving them time and travel.

The Darling wine shop also provides a host of other possibilities :

  1. Mixed cases like the “summer stunners” with a selected white wine from the six producers, or the “winter warmers” where the same exercise is done with red wine.
  2. An opportunity to purchase all the areas wines in different combinations.
  3. To taste the “wine of the day”.
  4. To make use of a very efficient freight delivery system both locally and internationally to have Darling wines delivered to your doorstep.
  5. In these days when delivery costs are expensive, to be able to have goods from different suppliers all arrived in a single consignment.

And so there we are – we urge you to come and visit us and see and experience the delights of Darling.

address: 5 Main Road , Darling, 7345
tel: 022 492 3971
cell: 074 194 1711

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Groote Post




Groote Post, is a historic farm with deep rich soils, which yield fruit of superlative quality and variental flavour.

Hilda’s Kitchen at Groote Post:

Serving modern country cooking to the highest standards with award winning wines. Reservations essential. Contact 022 492 2825 or e-mail
Hilda’s Kitchen is only open Wednesday to Sunday for lunch only.

Groote Post farm drives  

The 2hour drive will also take you up to our vineyards, to see where next years harvest is in the making. You’ll even be able to spot Table Mountain from the top of the Vineyards! We’ll take you through our 2 000ha game camp, where you’ll be able to spot some of Africa’s indigenous antelope  R170 per adult and R75 per child. Booking essential, 48hrs in advance.

Groote Post Country Market – every last Sunday of the month:

2018 Dates: 28 Jan, 25 Feb, 25 Mar, 29 Apr

address: Darling Hills Road, Darling, 7345
tel: 022 492 2825
fax: 022 492 2693
GPS: S 33˚ 29’ 0.5”E 18˚ 24’ 35.0”
hours; Opening times:Mon – Fri: 08:00 – 17:00

Sat & Sun: 10:00 – 16:00

Public holidays: 10:00 – 16:00

Closed on Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day

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Ormonde Vineyards

Ormonde Vineyards is conveniently situated on the edge of the village on Langfontein farm at the top of Mount Pleasant Street. Wines sampled in our tasting facility are available exclusively from the Estate or certain hotels and restaurants. The tasting options on offer incorporate our full ranges, including the latest award-winning wines.

Alternatively, enjoy a day out with us and treat yourself to one of our popular picnic platters served with a bottle of wine of your choice on the patio or in the gardens under the trees. Or, book a Chocolate or Nougat Pairing perfectly combined with a selection of our wines.

The tranquil surroundings and personal attention ensure our guests a pleasant experience, with the lingering sense of pure relaxation and enjoyment.

“We devote our lives to the vines and bottle the truth”.

address: P O Box 201, Darling, 7345
gps: 33º22’52.27”S   18º22’24.44”E
tel: 022 492 3540
hours: Open Mon–Fri: 9h00 until 16h00. Saturdays: 10h00 until 15h00. Public holidays: please phone to confirm prior to visit
follow us on: Facebook: @ormondewines
Twitter: @Ormonde_Wines
Instagram: @ormonde_wines

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Withington Wines




In the UK and French markets the term “négociant” is extremely common and is loosely defined as “a wine merchant who assembles the produce of smaller growers and winemakers, and sells the results under his own name”

Here in South Africa the concept has taken somewhat longer to evolve for various reasons, not least the fiercely independent mindset of most wine farmers. But now the market is changing, and producers and consumers are realising more and more that you might not always have the best in your backyard and therefore, to get the best, you have to shop around.

Darling is my home town with a host of really good wine growers. Indeed, within a 80 km radius are some of the best vineyards in the Cape so it makes only common sense to maximise quality with the benefit of a versatility of choice. One extremely prominent landowner and brand owner wryly remarked to me the other day “why on earth would I want to grow Sauvignon Blanc in my Paarl vineyard, when I can get so much better in Darling?”.

And so to bring this all back home, I have been very fortunate in my last 30 or so years in the wine industry to work with some very good properties and very knowledgeable people. This has put me in a situation where I am able to source, on an ongoing basis, the style of wine I want, from the type of winery and winemaker with whom I would like to work, and where we can genuinely add value to each other.

Simply put -while winemaking is undoubtedly an art, finding good wines is a skill! My family’s challenge has been to find good wines and bring them to you!

“ Flashy producers, erudite wine writers and pushy retailers can sell you the first bottle of a wine, but only the wine itself will sell the second.”

Enjoy !!

Charles Withington


address: PO Box 236 Darling 7345
tel: +27 (0) 22 492 3971
cell: 074 1941 711

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