Darling on the West Coast Way

“Only an hour from Cape Town… but a million miles away!”

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Darling Brew Extreme 2015

Date: Saturday 30 May, 2015

Venue: Gabriel Pharo Sports grounds, Darling



The Darling area has some of the most unique Mountain Bike trails in South Africa. Due to the fact that all our tracks run through working farmlands, the trails are never all together the same from year to year.

Crop rotations and moving camps of sheep and cattle play a big role in determining where they go.  So much so that often single tracks are not man created but in fact cut by the cattle and sheep them selves through the fynbos and plantations.

If you rode the Darling Brew Extreme last year, don’t expect to ride the same course this year, many of our four legged designers have made their changes and stamped their personal mark on this year’s route.

Ready yourself for challenging and technical terrain that we hope will make the Darling Brew Extreme a race to be remembered.

The 2015 Darling Brew Extreme gives riders of all levels the opportunity to ride this great event. Riders can choose between three different route options depending on fitness levels! The long route of the day is the king’s stage of the event – a not to be missed ride. Race start times: 62 km at 7:30 42 km at 8:00 18 km at 8:30

62km 1200km climb aka Bone Crusher

Look forward to an even more exciting challenge for the Darling Brew’s Extreme long route in 2015, aptly named the bone crusher! The route promises some entertaining single track, a few hills for climbers and jeep track and farm roads in between

42km 570 climb aka Black Mist

The 42 km Darling Brew Extreme route is designed for the moderate rider who enjoys a generous mix of exciting single track and jeep track, can handle a climb or two and is not up for a longer time in the saddle as the 6okm riders

18km 150m climb aka Slow Brew

The 2015 Darling Brew Extreme short route offers all the novices both old and young the opportunity to experience a flat fast ride outside Darling that will give you enough time to stretch the legs before heading back to finish early enough to enjoy fresh beer and tasty food at the race village.

More info at www.darlingbrew.co.za

contact: Heidi Eloff
cell: 082 925 7546
web: Click here
email heidi@darlingbrewextreme.co.za


Latest News

Darling Works Its Magic Again!


A USA based travel blogger has recently released her version of the 20 Most Beautiful Towns in the World 20 Most beautiful small towns in the world.

Stunning locations in France, Italy and Ireland feature, as well as Darling on the West Coast. Selected for its abundant flora attractions as well as its events like the Darling Music Experience and the annual Voorkamer Festival and Rocking the Daisies. Add to this the wonderful produce, beer and wines from historic wine farms in and around Darling and one has many reasons to visit for the first time or to return for a repeat visit all year round.

Mooiloop visits Darling

Darlings gone to the birds

Darling Tourism have launched a new bird route, set to cater to bird lovers from all over. The route was officially launched by Dr Anton Odendal at a launch event held at Groote Post Wine Estate on Thursday, 24 April 2014. With its completely rural, peaceful and natural habitat, the small town located less than an hour out of Cape Town, boasts diverse vegetation which attracts a wide range of birdlife. Continue reading →