Darling is the heartbeat of the West Coast region. The little village lies tucked away between hills of vineyards and golden wheat fields. Here you can still expect to see a horseman cantering through the streets on a Saturday afternoon. A gaggle of geese might waddle into a neighbour's garden to forage. You may witness a funeral procession accompanied by the consolatory gospel sounds of a traditional brass band. Lovingly restored Victorian homes and ancient trees make an idyllic setting for a getaway that promises serenity, nature, culture and much more!

11th annual Voorkamerfest – 5, 6 and 7 September 2014

The fest offers a fabulous line-up of South African and Dutch artists presenting intimate concerts in the voorkamers of their hosts; the residents of Darling. Darling will open their homes and hearts and “pocket size” concerts will take place in the comfort of the front rooms of enthusiastic residents across the length and breadth of the town. The concept is simple and profound, efficient and exciting.

The Voorkamerfest is an intimate lucky-dip of a festival. This is how it works - You buy a ticket for a “route” – seven in total – all of which are colour - coded. You queue up at the local kombi-taxi rank and when the taxi with your colour sticker comes along, you hop on – destination unknown. You travel with a kombi-load of strangers, soon to be friends.

The kombi drops you off at three different voorkamers during the course of one route – you could end up at a modest house or at a posh Cape Dutch house in the centre of town.

Each show lasts 30 minutes and each is totally different in style, texture and content. Each route offers three stops: Three homes with three entertainment options – from jazz to classical music, comedy to drama and poetry to circus.

Voorkamerfest is astonishing, it has been going for 11 years this year, and has developed a strong educational component with schools workshops and activities. This year the children of Darling wrote a poem – a Hallo Gedig.

The hub of the Fest is of course the delightful Evita se Perron – the old Darling station now a community theatre venue, preferred performance “platform”of tannie Evita at 8 Arcadia Street.

The fest is described as “cutting-edge and adventurous, distinctive and fun, bold and exciting – all in all, it is everything an arts festival should be”.

Dates and starting times of the taxi routes and 21 intimate concerts:
     ·   5 September FRIDAY at 17:00
     ·   6 September SAT at 12:00 and at 17:00
     ·   7 September SUN at 12:00
On Sunday at 16:00 the open air concert will take place in Darling East.
At this vibrant event festival artists will do a 5 min performance each. Entrance is Free.
     ·   The Eleventh Celebration of the Darling Voorkamerfest takes place on
     ·   5, 6 and 7 September. Don’t miss out book your ticket NOW.

For Voorkamerfest tickets, contact:
Chanda: 082 321 7542 / bookings@voorkamerfest-darling.co.za

Visit:  www.voorkamerfest.co.za to view the artist line-up for 2014
Email: info@voorkamerfest-darling.co.za
Tel: 022 492 2851



New Bird Route allows Darling Tourism to spread its wings.

Darling Tourism have launched a new bird route, set to cater to bird lovers from all over. The route was officially launched by Dr Anton Odendal at a launch event held at Groote Post Wine Estate on Thursday, 24 April 2014. With its completely rural, peaceful and natural habitat, the small town located less than an hour out of Cape Town, boasts diverse vegetation which attracts a wide range of birdlife.

Birders can look forward to seeing a wide range of bird species from larks and pipits to lesser flamingoes and great white pelicans as well as a wide range of raptors in an area which stretches from the Strandveld of the Darling Hills Rd and Groote Post to the Renosterveld of Waylands and Oudepost wildflower reserves.

“The intention is to appeal to dedicated birders promoting the numerous locations within Darling including the nearby Ramsar site at the Langebaan Lagoon as well as appealing to casual birders who visit Darling to enjoy a show at the Perron or a visit to one of the excellent wine cellars or one of the many activities held throughout the year in Darling,” says Shaun McLaughlin of Darling Tourism.

An easy to use tab on the Darling website will enable the market to access 5 different sites with route maps detailing the places to visit and these maps as well as bird lists will be available to visitors year round at the Darling info office.

Darling Tourism has been ably supported by Wesgro, the Western Cape’s Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion agency in launching its bird route.

“We have identified projects that meet a sustainable tourism drive and the launch of the new bird route will go a long way in increasing both international and domestic visitor numbers into Darling and surrounding areas,” says Judy Lain, Chief Marketing Officer at Wesgro.

Future plans include the intention to train a dedicated guide from the Darling community to be able to offer guided tours as well as ensuring that visitors on the popular Darling Stagger are made aware of the wonderful bird life found within the area.

The beauty of the flowering bulbs and the immense variety of wildflowers in the area create a unique springtime experience. During summer months, large numbers of blue cranes may be seen in the wheat fields along the Darling / Malmesbury and Moorreesburg roads. The Tienie Versfeld Reserve and the !Khwa ttu San Culture & Education Centre enable the visitor to further enjoy the diversity of Darling and its prolific bird life.

For more info, please contact Dianne le Roux on 022 492 3361 or info@darlingtourism.co.za

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