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Café Mosaic




Café Mosaic is a unique South African mixture of the French Café de la Rue, the Dutch Coffee Bar, the German Strasse Kaffe and the English Pub: a family orientated rendezvous in the Main Road of Darling. Here visitors and newcomers can meet the locals and learn everything about Darling they need to know.

Coffee and cake, calamari and chips, lasagne and salads and home made pies are served with an assortment of beverages ranging from soft drinks to hard tack. A menu with light meals and snacks is available

This is the locals’ watering hole after work, the place where rugby, soccer and cricket games are viewed and a safe venue where fathers and mothers can teach their offspring how to play pool. Business hours are from 9h00 in the morning till late at night.

address: Main Road, Darling, 7345
tel: 022 492 2307
cell: 082 402 0963
hours: Open daily 10h00 am – 02h00 am
notes: Contact Liezel or Beyers at tel.no. 022 492 2307 to book groups or order take-aways.


Chicory Cheese Café




Welcome to Chicory Cheese Café.

Located just off the Main Road, Darling’s much-loved neighbourhood café offers guests a relaxing home feel.

Perfect for lazy breakfasts and leisurely lunches, this charming venue is very casual with just a dollop of sophistication. It is just the place to take your mom on the weekend, your pooch for an afternoon cake and tea and your kid for a morning chino.

With free wireless during the day, Chicory Cheese is the ideal place for that casual business breakfast or lunch.

Make sure you stop by and soak up the atmosphere while tucking into some of our delicious food.

Catering for the intolerant to the indulgent, our intuitive seasonal menu means meals are cooked to order, juices freshly squeezed.

We take pride in our single origin coffee, specially roasted for us on a weekly basis.

Join us in sharing the love for good food.

A treat for your stomach and your soul.

We are all about feeling good, enjoying life and establishing a foundation for healthy eating.

address: 5 Long Street Darling
contact: Anesia
tel: 076 975 6197
email: anesia@chicorycheese.co.za
web: www.chicorycheese.co.za
hours: Monday to Friday: 08h30 to 16h00
Saturday & Public Holidays: 08h30 to 14h00
Sundays we are closed


Darling Sweet




Watch the Darling Sweet team lovingly produce the most delectable old fashioned quality handcrafted toffee at their new premises.Darling Sweet came into existence in late 2013 when Hentie van der Merwe and Frits van Ryneveld decided to start a toffee company in their hometown Darling. The initial idea came from Frits who felt that the small Swartland town with its picturesque surrounds needs something sweet and that it should be the most delicious old-fashioned toffee, seeing as the production of its main ingredient – good quality butter – has been associated with Darling for generations.

The idea didn’t take long to inspire Hentie – artist, lecturer and trained chef – to start journeying into the centuries old art of toffee-making in developing their unique toffee flavours:

  • Tannie Evita’s Classic Toffee (money is donated to the www.thedarlingtrust.org)
  • Honey & Salt Toffee
  • Red Wine & Chocolate Toffee
  • Ormonde Wines Toffee
  • Orange & Pomegranate
  • Liquorice Toffee
  • Sour Fig Toffee

Their toffees are preservative free – and all their reductions they make themselves, nothing synthetic – creating a real old fashioned butter toffee – and probably one of the healthiest toffees on the market!

Darling Sweet also bottles and sells raw veld flower honey from the cape coastal region.

They are also very proud about the fact that their packaging is made from recycled paper, and that their toffee wrappers are biodegradable.

The Darling Sweet kitchen is located in the beautiful original General Dealer building of Darling – where members of the public can view the Darling Sweet production line.

The entire manufacturing process is done by hand – from assembling the ingredients to the final packaging of the product.

The focus on manual production is very much part of Frits and Hentie’s focus on job creation and skills and career development within the Darling community.

address: 7 Long Street, Darling
tel: 0224922101
cell: 083 235 4002
email: frits@darlingsweet.co.za
web: www.darlingsweet.co.za
trading hours: Mon – Sat 08:00 – 17:00
Sun 10:00 – 14:00
Closed Xmas, Good Friday, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day


Het Bos Olives




The Pienaar family has always been passionate about farming. Their dream realised several years ago when they established a 17 hectare olive grove at Het Bos, their farm on the outskirts of Darling on the Cape West Coast.

This region has a maritime Mediterranean climate which is ideally suited for olive growing; they chose to plant the well-known Frantoio Cultivar. The slight spicy and peppery character of this oil suits most palates. The high anti-oxidant count makes it one of the healthiest olive oils.

The ‘little’ grove at Het Bos is big enough to make a meaningful quantity, yet small enough for them to hand craft and create a superb product and present it with pride & joy.

tel: 022 492 2557
cell: 082 509 0425
fax: 086 690 9985
email oliveoil@tasteofdarling.co.za
notes: Visits by appointment


The Marmalade Cat




Being a unique and trendy hotspot for locals and tourists alike, the Marmalade Cat, is everything its names suggests! The small marmalade-coloured building is easy to spot on Darling’s main road and as one walks past bougainvilleas to enter the yellow, white and blue polka-dotted shop, one is greeted by smiling faces, freshly baked scents and a kaleidoscope of gifts and collectables individually selected by the owner, Sandi Collins.

The Marmalade Cat is the perfect place for a bustling atmosphere, freshly prepared, flavour-filled breakfasts, lunches, morning and afternoon teas. Specialties such as the fluffy bacon and feta omelets for breakfast, or the designer chicken pies will have you desperate to return for more! The Marmalade Cat is also open on Friday nights for their famous pizzas, which include a complementary salad to start and an atmosphere that is sure to have you dancing by the end of the night. The Marmalade Cat is also the perfect place for birthday or business functions, which must be booked in advance.

So with its flower and fountain filled courtyard, good-mood music, delicious food, treasured gifts and a real-life marmalade cat to top it all off, you’re likely to have a spring in your step for the rest of the day.

address: 19 Main Road, Darling
tel: 022 492 2515